Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How do I know what type of foundation I have?
A Looking at the foundation from the inside you will be able to tell. Poured concrete foundations found in newer homes are solid concrete and look similar to the floor. Block foundations are concrete blocks that measure 16” long by 8” high and vary in depth, usually 8” or 10”. The blocks are joined together using mortar to build the wall. Stone foundations are found in century homes and very old building. Stone foundations are made from various sized field stones held in place with mortar.

Q2.Why does my basement leak?
There are several factors that can cause water to leak into your basement.
-crack in a poured concrete wall
-cracks in a block wall
-sump pump failure
-hydrostatic pressure or water coming up from the floor
-window well not draining
-weeping tile not functional or present
There are different repair methods for each problem, Call 905 855 3500 for further information.

Q3.How much does it cost to fix a wet basement?
Foundation cracks in poured concrete walls can be fixed for $450 from the inside if it exposed.
Cracks can also be repaired for the exterior, pricing starts at $1600 for 1 crack. Site visit required for quote.
Block foundations that require excavation or internal weeping tile systems require a site visit to determine an accurate cost. Please call for further pricing information.

Q4.Can you fix my wet basement from the inside?
YES we can! Poured concrete foundation cracks can be injected from the interior.
Block foundations can be fixed with the installation of an internal weeping tile system.

Q5.How long does it take to fix a foundation crack?
To repair a crack that is exposed, meaning there is no drywall or panelling in the way takes between 1 ½ - 2 hours. If drywall is present it can take an additional ½ hour

Q6.Why does basement-waterproofing matter?
While you may not feel like your damp basement requires immediate attention, dampness is indicative of a serious problem that will only become increasingly severe if ignored. By waterproofing your basement you protect your home from developing black mold and structural damage in its foundation.

Q7.What signs denote a basement leak is occurring?
If you suspect your basement could be leaking, there are a variety of signs that you can look out for:
-Moldy odors
-White powdery substance on walls
-Cracks in floorboards or walls
-Cracked paint or peeling wallpaper
-Rotting wood
-Eroded paneling

Q8.Should I be concerned about mold?
Absolutely. Black mold thrives off moisture, is known to contribute heavily to poor indoor air quality, and is often found in flooded and damp homes.

Q9.What is the white powder I see on my walls?
Efflorescence is a chalky-white powder that appears on masonry construction. It’s triggered when water is present on or in masonry surfaces and what you are seeing is the salty residue from the evaporated water.

Q10.In what cities do you offer your services?
Crackmasters services the following cities in Ontario:

Q11.What is a sump pump?
A sump pump is a pump used to remove accumulated water in a water-collecting sump-basin that is graded away from a homes foundation. It works to protect homes from dampness and water damage.

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