Moisture in your basement can present a complicated and a potentially expensive problem. If you ignore it for too long or opt for the DIY Basement Waterproofing route, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to diagnose the problem correctly. It can devalue your home and present a hazard to your family’s health. A wet basement not only encourages mold growth, but it can also ruin floors and walls throughout your home.

At Crackmasters, we know how important it is to protect the value of your home and your family’s health. That’s why we offer comprehensive basement waterproofing and basement crack restoration. We also know how important it is that you get the job done right, which is why we’re here to discuss the necessity of professional basement waterproofing.

Long-Term Cost of DIY Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproof cost

Many property owners in Southern Ontario find the DIY route appealing due to the lure of apparent reduced cost. By purchasing their own materials and performing the labour themselves, many Canadians feel they can save a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, that rarely ends up being the case. While the initial cost of the project may be lower, the long-term costs of DIY basement waterproofing exceed that of a professionally done job. Do-it-yourself jobs often lead to subpar waterproofing, which frequently leads to basement leaks and much more costly repairs. By hiring an experienced basement waterproofing company like Crackmasters to get the job done right the first time and early on, property owners can save a substantial amount over the long-term.


Basement waterproofing mississauga

Sure, you can easily watch a video online about how to waterproof your basement — but what quality of workmanship will result? It may seem like a fairly easy process, but unfortunately, you probably don’t have experience on your side. Professional, quality waterproofing done by Crackmasters, however, is performed by experienced technicians with decades of experience. Not only do our wet basement-waterproofing experts use professional grade materials and equipment, but they have also performed thousands of successful basement crack repair and waterproofing jobs in Mississauga, Milton, Burlington, Brampton, Georgetown, Acton and all over the Greater Toronto Area, to prove their workmanship. Going the DIY route may save you some cash in the beginning, if you are lucky, but it often leads to leaks and costly home damage. Take into account cheap materials and uncommon property challenges, and you have a recipe for disaster down the road.


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Waterproofing your basement can be a labor-intensive job that presents significant safety concerns. To perform the job correctly, digging a trench around your basement walls may be necessary which can be dangerous in the event of a collapse. Digging will also require a permit, which can be difficult and costly to obtain. And finally, the job itself involves a considerable amount of excavation and expertise. The perimeter of your concrete floor may need to be demolished and temporarily removed, requiring professional tools and materials. Not to mention, the endeavor generates a substantial amount of concrete dust that is hazardous to your lungs.


Basement waterproofing requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Whether you’re performing the job from the inside, outside, or both sides, substantial excavation and physical labour is necessary. Take a moment to consider your other life obligations — do you truly have the time to commit to such an undertaking? You should also take into consideration the climate where you reside. If your area is prone to precipitation, like most of Southern Ontario is, you run the risk of project stalls and setbacks due to water damage or freezing. Fortunately, when you hire the professionals at Crackmasters to perform your waterproofing and wet basement repair, they can get the entire job done properly in just a few days.


When you hire professionals to waterproof your basement, you’re getting the latest in industry knowledge and technology. Our trained and experienced technicians stay abreast of the latest developments and techniques in the foundation repair and basement waterproofing industry. When you perform the job yourself, you rely on materials and products that are readily available to the public. Not only are these materials generally cheap and subpar, but they wear much more quickly over time. You may spend a substantial amount on your DIY project only to find out that the materials and methods you’re using are outdated. There’s a reason new technology is constantly in development, and that’s to provide you with the best protection possible.



When you opt for the DIY Basement Waterproofing route, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to diagnose the problem correctly. You’re also less likely to select the appropriate solution based on the construction of your home. Experienced professionals are trained to inspect and diagnose even the most complicated of issues. To ensure that your basement waterproofing or repair will last, you need knowledge and expertise on your side. Professional basement waterproofing experts at Crackmasters can easily diagnose your issue and provide you with a comprehensive quote or refer you to another professional in case your problem is outside of our scope. This process allows you to budget for your repair and can save you the frustration of purchasing ineffective and expensive materials and causing more damage to your home.


When you need to protect your most valuable investment, Crackmasters is here to help. We offer basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and basement leak repair throughout the Mississauga metro area as well as in surrounding cities of Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, Milton and Acton. We understand how important it is to protect your home and family, which is why we’re dedicated to quality workmanship and superior customer service. If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule an estimate, give us a call. You can reach us at (905) 855-3500, or fill out our easy, no-obligation online price request.

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