If you own or rent a multi-level property, you need to understand the importance of a waterproof basement. You may think a subtle drip or minuscule puddle is no big, but these signs can cause much more significant issues down the line. A wet basement can lead to dangerous molds and damage throughout your property. If you ignore a damp basement, it can lead to expensive and prolonged repairs later on. It’s crucial to either identify the problem in its earliest stages or avoid this issue altogether by keeping your basement waterproof.

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How Does A Basement Get Wet?

First, let’s discuss what causes basement moisture so you will know what to look out for. Basements are given the name basement because they act as the base of the house. The position/construction of this part of the house, unfortunately, create a unique proneness to wetness. Below are some of the fundamental ways your basement can get wet:

Soil Erosion and Inadequate Drainage Systems:

The most frequent occurrence that causes moisture to form in a basement is improper soil and drainage systems. If external rainwater or groundwater are not drained away from your property, it will have nowhere to go but around the basement and eventually inside the basement.

Inferior Gutters:

Similar to drainage systems, if gutters are not correctly installed or maintained, water will accumulate around the foundation of your property instead of draining it at a safe distance.

Roof Eavestrough

Irregular Slope:

If your property was built at an improper angle, water will run towards your basement when it should run away from it.

Fluid Pressure:

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure exerted when enough water accumulates on the outside of your basement due to any of the above circumstances. This pressure can be so forceful it can create cracks in your basement’s walls, floors and around windows and doors.


Basements are often moist to begin with because of their position in a property. This pre-existing condensation can lead to mildew, mold and potentially, damage.

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How to Keep Your Basement Waterproof

Here are the best ways to prevent basement moisture:

Interior waterproofing

This is the most cost-efficient and straightforward method to keep your basement waterproof. It involves sealing all of the cracks and holes in your basement walls, floors and around windows and doors and ensuring these areas are watertight. You can try to solve this problem at home by purchasing a special waterproof sealant. However, if you improperly apply this sealant or purchase an ineffective product, it can be a temporary fix for a more significant problem that may arise again in the future. In general, interior waterproofing may not solve the exterior issues that are causing the cracks and holes in your basement in the first place. At Crackmasters, we have a seven-step basement crack repair process. We use polyurethane resin injections that will permanently repair all basement cracks. We can additionally waterproof your basement from the inside out with our internal weeping tile waterproofing system. Our talented team can also expertly identify what is causing your basement moisture and determine which solution is right for you.

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Exterior waterproofing

By now, you likely understand that exterior problems lead to wet basements. The best way to waterproof your basement is to do it from the outside in.

At Crackmasters, we offer the following external basement waterproofing systems:

  • Sump Pump and Pit Installation
  • Battery Back-Up Systems
  • External Excavation

We’ll investigate your basement issues and determine which method works best for your property.

Foundation Repair

Crackmasters can additionally resolve issues like irregular slope that may eventually lead to flooded basements, mold/mildew or other costly and detrimental problems. This method will waterproof your basement before it’s too late. We will solve your foundation problems with the following twelve steps:

  1. Waterproofing Membranes
  2. Waterproofing / Excavation
  3. Window Well Excavation
  4. Window Well Installation
  5. Weeping Tile Systems
  6. Interior Water Control
  7. Sump Pits / Pumps
  8. Urethane Injection
  9. Consulting / Inspections
  10. Stone / Brick / Block Repair
  11. Retaining Walls
  12. Block Wall Repair / Construction

foundation repair

These processes may sound confusing and complicated to you, which is why we always recommend hiring professionals to waterproof your basement instead of attempting it yourself. Buying or renting property is likely your most significant investment, so it’s essential to take care of it from top to bottom. Make sure your basement and, therefore, the rest of your property is safe and secure by contact Crackmasters or request a free quote.

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