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Basement Waterproofing

  • Your home is your most valuable asset, and each basement is different. If your foundation is block or brick, you can consider either of the following basement waterproofing systems:
    1. Internal Weeping Tile System
    2. Sump Pump and Pit Installation
    3. Battery Back-Up Systems
    4. External Excavation
  • A basement waterproofing system keeps water from entering your basement. A basement waterproofing system can only be effective if it includes both drainage & sealers. There are two components of a complete basement waterproofing system:
    1. Interior water drainage
    2. Exterior waterproofing
  • We provide the best basement water proofing services in Canada!


Basement Waterproofing Mississauga
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Internal Weeping Tile Waterproofing System

Basement Waterproofing Georgetown

Controls any water coming through a block wall or up from the floor.

  1. Drainage Board/Membrane
  2. Sump pit and pump
  3. New concrete floor
  4. Gravel
  5. Weeping tile
  6. Drain holes in block

Sump Pump and Pit Installation

Basement Waterproofing
  • A hole roughly 3’x3’x3’ is dug in the floor
  • The sump liner in placed in the hole and wrapped with filter cloth
  • Clear gravel is used to fill the hole surrounding the liner
  • A cast iron submersible sump pump sits on the bottom of the liner and is plumbed to discharge the water that collects in the pit automatically
  • A lid is secured to the pit and the concrete floor is replaced.

Battery Back-Up Systems

Basement Waterproofing Services

Ensures that your sump pump will run in a power outage

  • A secondary pump is installed above the primary pump
  • A trickle charger is connected to a marine battery that powers the pump
  • Uses the same discharge pipe as the primary pump

External Excavation

Basement Waterproofing Excavation

Stops water from entering through a block, poured or brick foundation with
proper drainage

  • Earth is excavated along the wall down to the footing to expose the weeping tile
  • Old weeping tile is removed and replaced with new filter wrapped perforated tile
  • Foundation wall is cleaned and visible cracks filled
  • Sealed with Bakor Foundation Sealer – or – Blue Skin Membrane
  • Platon membrane is fastened to the wall and sealed along the top edge
  • 6” of ¾” gravel is placed over the weeping tiles and the trench is backfilled
    settling may occur

Locations Served

CRACKMASTERS services the entire Greater Toronto Area.
We Offer Basement Waterproofing Services in:
Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke, Milton, Acton, Georgetown, Brampton, Toronto & surrounding cities.
We also offer: 
Foundation repair
Basement crack repair
Basement waterproofing
in all of the above cities.

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