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Basement Crack Repair

  • We repair all basement cracks permanently with Polyurethane Resin Injections.
  • All our basement crack repair services are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
  • We can repair all basement cracks, foundation cracks, wet crawlspaces, leaking window wells and wet basements.
  • We offer professional and economical basement crack repair.
  • Basement crack repair in Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke, Georgetown, Brampton, Milton, Burlington and the Surrounding Areas.

Discover If Your Basement Leaks and Stop It Before It’s Too Late!

  • Foundation & basement cracks are very common. They are found in 95% of all homes. 
  • Basement cracks are caused from the house settling after it was built and the expansion and contraction that happens when the seasons change.
  • Call now to book a professional basement crack inspection (905) 855-3500.

Basement Crack Repair Process

Polyurethane Resin Injections

  • Holes are drilled alongside the crack every 6 inches from top to bottom.
  • The holes are drilled into the wall towards the crack on a 45 degree angle so the drill bit crosses through the crack.
  • Injection ports are installed into the holes and Zirc fittings are threaded into the ends
  • Using a compressor, a mixture of mild acid & water is flushed through the crack to remove any dust, dirt or minerals cleaning the crack for the resin to adhere to.
  • Water is then rinsed through the crack to remove the acid and ensure the foundation crack is clean and wet.
  • Hydraulic cement is spread over the face of the basement crack to contain the resin while it expands.
  • The resin is then injected into the basement crack from bottom to top.  The water in the crack reacts with the resin causing it to expand up to twenty times.  The resin remains flexible and will move with the foundation

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Locations Served

the entire Greater Toronto Area.
We Repair:
wet basements in Mississauga
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wet basements in Burlington
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wet basements in Georgetown
wet basements in Brampton
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We also offer: 
Foundation repair
Basement crack repair
Basement waterproofing
in all of the above cities.

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