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Causes Of Foundation Cracks

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Foundation Crack Causes - Concrete Curing Issues

As a homeowner, it can be worrisome to come across any type of damage in your living space. Especially when that damage includes cracks in your foundation. The foundation of your home is what holds it together to help it stand strong. Without a sturdy foundation, many severe issues can arise.

Causes and Solutions to Wet Basements

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A variety of avoidable factors can cause wet basement issues. In this article we will explain some of these factors and we will give you advice on what you can do as a house owner to minimize the damage to your house due to wet basement problems and in effect this will increase the longevity of your home, and decrease your costs of repairing unnecessary damage.

Are Cracks in the Foundation Wall Dangerous?

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Cracks seen in the foundation walls can be either of minimal significance or can turn out to be a worrisome structural defect. If it is the latter, then it can turn out to be very expensive to rectify. A thorough evaluation is very much needed to find out if any crack repair work is required or not. 

Foundation wall cracks generally occur within a few years post the construction of the house.