Wet basement Problems & Solutions

Problem: Crack in my poured concrete foundation wall
Solution: Polyurethane resin injection done from the interior

Problem: Water coming in through the block foundation wall of my home
Solution: Install Internal weeping tile system or do an External Excavation

Problem: Water is leaking in under my basement window
Solution: Install a vertical drain and ensure a proper window well is in place

Problem: Water is present around the perimeter of the basement floor
Solution: Install Internal weeping tile system and a sump pump

Problem: Mould on the baseboards or the drywall
Solution: Remove the drywall to expose the problem and discard damaged wall portions

Problem: Water coming up from the cracks in the floor
Solution: Install an Internal weeping tile system and a sump pump

Problem: There is water coming in at the top of the wall in the basement
Solution: Check exterior wall to see if sill plate is above grade, covered by a deck or patio. Ensure brick vents are above grade.

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If you live in Oakville Ontario and have a wet basement, you have to call CRACKMASTERS BASEMENT WATERPROOFING. We will come to you home or business in Oakville and quickly repair your wet basement at a very economical price.

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